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Alternative Mortgages

Benefits of Alternative Mortgages

An alternative mortgage is any residential mortgage loan that deviates from standard mortgage practices. For instance, it may be a mortgage that is not fixed-rate, fully amortizing, has monthly or periodic payments, or a standard term of repayment. Sometimes, an AMI is a loan with real property as collateral with the money being used for some other purpose than purchasing the property. An alternative mortgage is considered a type of non-conforming loan.

$0 Down FHA Loan
Although FHA loans do require a down payment of 3.5%, there are ways to get the down payment and closing costs paid for without bringing your money to the closing table. This will enable you to reserve those funds for home improvements, decorating, or other financial needs.
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3 Months Bank Statement Benefits of Self-Employed Loan
When you're self-employed, you don't have the luxury of being able to provide pay stubs or show net income on tax returns when you're trying to secure a mortgage. Our 3 Months Bank Statement Loan program allows self-employed borrowers to seek a home loan without showing net income on taxes or pay stubs. We look at your income over the last 3 months only.
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