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Your source for Conventional and Foreign National Mortgages


Welcome to Innovative Mortgage DBA www.1st-capitalgroup.com.  This website www.1st-capitalgroup.com is an advertising website for Innovative Mortgage and we specialize in mortgage loans for:


- US Citizens and Residents 

- Foreign Nationals and Non Residents


We work with an extensive network of local, regional, nationwide and private lenders and our exclusive relationship with a large real estate hedge funds, and we are able to offer an array of mortgage loan programs.


Our Conventional Loan Programs for US based borrowers are flexible and feature 48 hours Official Loan Approval.


Foreign National Mortgage loan programs feature limited documentation that streamline and expedite the loan process.


Most of the large banking institutions have less then flexible conventional loan programs and do not offer foreign national mortgage loans but at we still offer a variety of financing options for all your primary, second home, vacation or holiday home needs. Please, feel free to Contact us or call us at 1-954-300-1287 with any questions you may have. There is no obligation of course. Thank you for your time and if you wish to pre-qualify for the loan please fill out and submit Quick Pre-Qualification form to the right.


Innovative Mortgage Services, Inc. - NMLS 250769

Mortgage Programs Features:

  • LOAN SIZE: $75,000 to $50 Million

  • FIXED INTEREST RATES: 3.00% to 5.75%

  • ADJUSTABLE (Variable) RATES: 2.75% to 4.75%

  • LOAN TERMS: Amortization Type 10,15 and 30 years

  • LTV (loan to value): Up to 80% (FHA 96.5%)

  • LOAN DOCUMENTATION: Full Doc, Stated Income

  • Low Doc Loans Available

  • CLOSING: on average 30 to 45 days

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Conventional Mortgages

Fixed-Rate Loans
A 30, 20, 15 year fixed conventional loans are loans that have the same mortgage payments for 360 months. Conventional loans typically are harder to qualify for than FHA loans and require a slightly higher down payment. However, in some cases rates can be lower and have lower closing costs. Also, monthly mortgage insurance is usually less or can be nothing with 20% down payment.

This type of loan has monthly payments that are based on a 30 year repayment schedule and the interest rate remains fixed for the first three years. After that time the interest rate (monthly payments) may change year after. This is called the adjustment period. The new rate is based upon changes in a financial index and is calculated by adding a specified amount to the index.

FHA Loans
An FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan is a loan insured against default by the FHA. In other words, the FHA guarantees that a lender won’t have to write off a loan if the borrower defaults – the FHA will pay. FHA loans are not for everybody. Nevertheless, they are a great help to some borrowers. FHA loans allow people to buy a home with a down payment as small as 3.5%. Other loans might not allow such a low down payment.

VA Loans
A VA loan is perhaps the most powerful and flexible lending option on the market today. Rather than issue loans, the VA instead pledges to repay about a quarter of every loan it guarantees in the unlikely event the borrower defaults. That guarantee gives VA-approved lenders greater protection when lending to military borrowers and often leads to highly competitive rates and terms for qualified veterans.


Foreign National Mortgages

80% Foreign National Mortgage

Our most popular loan. Low interest rates loans for a second or vacation home.

70% Foreign National Mortgage

Our jumbo foreign national mortgage for up to $8M. Super Jumbo Loans are available.

50% to 75% Investment Mortgages

Very low interest rate Buy to Let mortgage. Non warrantable condos and condo hotels qualify. 

Canadian Citizen Mortgage

We offer loans up to 75% LTV US mortgage for Canadians with very competitive interest rates. 

UK Citizen Mortgage

Low doc US mortgages for UK citizens and UK residents for a second or holiday homes.

ITIN Number Mortgage

We offer up to 90% LTV financing for borrowers who have a ITIN Tax ID number available.

No Doc, Stated Income Mortgage 

We provide privately funded No Doc and Stated Income Loans up to 60% LTV to foreigners and US citizens.

Alternative Mortgages

An alternative mortgage is any residential mortgage loan that deviates from standard mortgage practices. For instance, it may be a mortgage that is not fixed-rate, fully amortizing, has monthly or periodic payments, or a standard term of repayment. Sometimes, an AMI is a loan with real property as collateral with the money being used for some other purpose than purchasing the property. An alternative mortgage is considered a type of non-conforming loan.

$0 Down FHA Loan
Although FHA loans do require a down payment of 3.5%, there are ways to get the down payment and closing costs paid for without bringing your money to the closing table. This will enable you to reserve those funds for home improvements, decorating, or other financial needs.

3 Months Bank Statement Benefits of Self-Employed Loan
When you're self-employed, you don't have the luxury of being able to provide pay stubs or show net income on tax returns when you're trying to secure a mortgage. Our 3 Months Bank Statement Loan program allows self-employed borrowers to seek a home loan without showing net income on taxes or pay stubs. We look at your income over the last 3 months only.

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Whether you're buying your first home or you're an experienced buyer, we have a home lending solution just for you.

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Below and throughout this site, you will find information that will help you with the purchase of your new home.

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Why pay more than you have to? Don't miss out on super low rates.

Changing the terms of your loan can benefit you and maximize your monthly income.

Click here for information about refinancing, including a refinance calculator to help you see if refinancing can save you money. You can also fill out our application to see what rate you qualify for and obtain a pre-approval letter. Of course you can always call and speak to one of our loan consultants.

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